Mother Road Market

1124 S Lewis Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74104

Sunday - Thursday 11am to 8pm

Friday & Saturday 11am to 9pm

Closed Mondays



(918) 928 1357

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Bodhi's Story

My name is James Wegner. I am a native Canadian but I am proud to say I now call Tulsa home. I am overjoyed to say that the people who live in this city have given me a unique opportunity to start my own business, and a family, in this great city.

Bodhi's Bowl is a combination of my passion for international cuisine and flavors, as well as the love and responsibility I feel for my new son, Bodhi. He has inspired me to begin my own business, to show him what it takes to succeed, and to be as large a part of the community as we can. Bodhi's Bowl is not just about serving Tulsans beautifully prepared and bowled foods, but also about employing Tulsans and improving the community my family will grow in. Our goal is to serve Tulsans the very best bowls from around the world, and help create a prosperous community for all our little Bodhi's to grow in. 







Join us at Bodhi's Bowl as we bring to Tulsa tastes from all over the world, and enjoy those tastes in the greatest way possible. 

Taste the World!

Bodhi Achille Wegner